We are a couple who are striving for a life a little less ordinary, and more self sufficient, by living aboard.

We’ve been working towards this for a few years now, slowly getting our finances in order and researching, researching, researching ways to make it possible.

We made ourselves a five year plan: finish and sell the barn conversion we were living in, build and sell the next already lined up and come up with a way of funding a lifestyle where we could work less and live more.

Our theory was there’s no point slogging your guts out 40-50+ hours per week and have no time to enjoy your actual life, more so with our working hours not being compatible (building and catering) we didn’t want to leave it until retirement like a lot of people do, when we either might be too unfit/old to manage it or could possibly not even be around…carpe diem and all that.

So I write from year four, not wanting to tempt fate but I think we are nearly there.  An offer to (hopefully) be accepted, and a bit of work to do on the boat, and with any luck we’ll be living aboard this year eek!

Blog posts to follow on our journey so far…and beyond.

Nicki and Ben


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